Why Banner Music Lessons?

Tired of the same old music lessons? Sick of sitting at the piano for an hour playing a C major scale until you're blue in the face? We understand that everyone's got a different learning style and that everyone has different goals. With lesson plans designed around YOUR goals, we've got a learning path that's right for you.

Don't take OUR word for it...

A few words from our clients...

My 11 year old and 9 year old boys take piano lessons with Brian and they absolutely love it. They had taken piano in the past, but were never particularly inclined to practice, but Brian always includes songs in their lessons that they enjoy. I hear them practicing scales and excercises (which they do still groan about from time to time) and was excited to hear my older son practicing a song by Muse! I thought it was the radio! We are very glad we made the switch to Banner Music Lessons.
--Hardworking Mom of Two

I understand the importance of learning the classics and scales, but I really just wanted to learn a few of my favorite songs! Now I'm rocking along with my favorite Allman Brothers tracks, and my teacher even snuck in some music theory along the way!
--Office Professional by day, Rockstar by night

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Brian - "Basic Rock Beat Drum Lesson"

Nick - "Airplanes"